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Our plan

Listen. Engage. Accelerate. Deliver.

We have a great state motto here in North Carolina: Esse Quam Videri—to be, rather than to seem. It calls us to see things as they really are, to embrace accountability and integrity, and by so doing to bring a new, better reality into existence through action. Our motto is a call to honesty. It is a call to courage in the face of challenge.


It’s in this spirit that we open this letter with an expression of gratitude and an acknowledgment to all of you who gave it your all this past election. It was a terribly difficult, frustrating cycle, and none of us needs to be rolling in the data to know what tragic and consequential results we’ve had as Democrats in North Carolina, on absolute terms and relative to the rest of the country.


We’re tired of losing, and we bet you are too.  


From our respective work, we know that it is all too true that “victory has many parents, but defeat is an orphan.” Indeed, we win and lose as a team, and the 2022 results show that if we want different results—if we want to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in this state—we need to collectively rally to change the way our Party does business. Depending on star candidates or on any individual alone is not a recipe for success or for building our Party. A spirit of teamwork on the State Executive Council, a functional and empowered State Executive Committee, and a sustainable and independent Party organization are prerequisites to break the GOP stranglehold on our state. We are running as a team guided by a strong strategic vision, one dedicated to aggressive field organizing supported by robust fundraising, and the knowledge that the work and leadership of many hands makes the work lighter.  


We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do know that the following are important aspects of building a better North Carolina Democratic Party and winning elections:


Listening and Engaging:

  • A 2-year, 4-year, and 10-year NCDP strategic plan with data-informed benchmarks. 

  • Clear fundraising expectations for every member of the NCDP board. 

  • Budget transparency and state executive council accessibility and accountability. 

  • A national search for an executive director with institutional reform experience. 

  • Strong working relationships among the NCDP, Democratic caucuses, and campaign staffs, and with coalition partners. 

  • Proactive, good faith union contract negotiations with the NCDP staff union. 

  • Transparency around employment opportunities and Party contracting policies.


Accelerating and Delivering:

  • Better coordination with, and training and support for, county parties, campaigns, staff, and volunteers, with clear timelines for deliverables (like candidate literature, blue ballots, and data updates).

  • Paid year-round organizing in our urban, suburban, and rural communities, including deep canvassing, persuasion, and GOTV programs, along with Party-sponsored service programs.

  • A targeted electorate expansion/voter registration program. 

  • A well-executed college and university student engagement plan.

  • Specific strategies to properly support our statewide judicial races and local school board races, with input from candidates past and present. 

  • Messaging and messengers that reflect the diversity of our state and the promise of the Democratic vision. 

  • A rapid-response research and communications team capable of responding to the NCGOP.


We are not promising miracle cures or quick fixes. We ask for your vote as North Carolina Democrats who have been on both sides of election night, who know the difference that collaborative work infused with energy, enthusiasm, and vision can make in our Democratic revival. 


We all have a role to play in what comes next. So here’s to hard work. Here’s to collaboration. Here’s to Democratic victory for a better North Carolina.


To be rather than to seem,

Jonah Garson, Candidate for NCDP First Vice Chair

Dr. Kimberly Hardy, Candidate for NCDP Second Vice Chair

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